YCNS is a parent-cooperative nursery school program dedicated to nurturing the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child.

YCNS provides a unique opportunity for parents to learn how to effectively support the learning process and understand more about their child by becoming involved in his or her first school experience.

While learning to work together in a group, your children are encouraged to develop independent thought and action, guided gently by N.Y.S. certified teachers who believe in the joy of learning, discovering and exploring.

A rich variety of indoor and outdoor equipment and materials stimulate creativity, as well as physical, social, and intellectual development.


The purpose of the Yorktown Community Nursery School is to:

  1. Provide children with the opportunity for self-expression and development of their interests and abilities;

  2. Help students adjust to the educational environment;

  3. Afford children the opportunity to explore and experiment and live out their thoughts and problems in play;

  4. Design a program for the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of the preschool child and;

  5. Aid parents in adopting constructive attitudes toward their children's behavior through actual participation in the operation of a cooperative nursery school.

YCNS is unlike any other preschool. It’s truly a home away from home. The teachers are nurturing and like second mothers to my kids. And the friends we’ve made here will last a lifetime.
— Jen Odoardi, YCNS parent


  • YCNS is a parent cooperative administered by a parent-elected Board of Trustees, which employs the professional staff of a Director, certified teachers and experienced assistants.

  • The educational program for the children is entrusted to a professional staff under the supervision of the Director. 

  • The school is registered by the New York State Department of Education.

  • In the organization of our cooperative nursery school, basic power resides in the parents.

  • Parents delegate administrative duties and responsibilities, as specified in the By-laws, to a Board of trustees and a professional Director.

  • The Director is accountable to the Board, the Board is responsible for the Director, and the Board and the Director are responsible to the parents.

  • Recommendations of the Director or Executive Board concerning finances or policies must be referred to the Board for decision.

  • All minutes and financial records are open to the parents. Meeting of the Board are open to any parent who wishes to attend.



When you enroll your child at YCNS, you enroll yourself as well. YCNS is a cooperative nursery school and its future depends on parent involvement in all levels of the school's operations. 

Through participation in this cooperative program the parent(s) will have the opportunity to..

  • Develop a support system of people sharing a common factor of raising children.

  • Join a warm and welcoming environment where parents may observe and be with their children as they learn and grow.

  • Learn more about child development and parenting roles.

  • Develop varied interpersonal and professional skills as they serve on the Board of Directors and on the numerous committees that administer the business of the school.

There are three categories that require parent participation at YCNS.

1. The parent's participation in the classroom is done on a rotational basis. Parent participation at this level effectively boosts the self-esteem and emotional well being of the child and enhances the parent-child relationship. Each class has a different set of requirements for the parent. The cleaning of the classroom is a required and important part of participation. Another is providing a healthy snack along with drink for the students in your child's class. 

2. YCNS has several organized committees. Each family is asked to participate in one committee. See the Handbook for a complete list of committee descriptions. 

3. There are two Workdays per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The Workdays are for general maintenance in the building and on the grounds. One parent from each family is expected to participate in one (1) Workday. For the parent who finds this impossible, it is possible to perform an alternative service or pay the Workday fee. It is important to maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment for our children as well as a great learning environment.